The Original Time Machine's APK temporary home

For Android version only. Until we sort it out with Google.
iOS version available at Apple Store

Dear Time Machine's friend,

Google has changed certain requirements and we've not yet been able to adapt our Original Time Machine to these requirements. That's why the Time Machine is currently not available at Google Play. We're working on a little development to bring things back in order ASAP, so that The Original Time Machine will again be available for millions of time travellers at Google Play.
Meanwhile, luckily, you can download The Original Time Machine at the following link:

APK for Android phones:

Because this is not your usual install from Google Play, you will need to put the downloaded .apk file (Android Package Kit) onto your phone and run it there. For that, you need to enable sideloading of apps from unknown sources. Android will consider as "unkbown" anything that does not come from Google Play', which also means this .apk file. We assure that Time Machine's .apk is safe and there are no harmful scripts in it. It's just simply currently not available at Google Play and therefore Android considers it as coming from "unknown source", requiring certain special handling.
(We definitely do not recommend downloading and installing uncontrolled apk's from unknown sources, as they still may contain harmful scripts; if you do sideload an apk, please really consider if you trust its provider.)
In short, enable installing apps from "Unknown Sources" in your phone's settings . As Android is different on different phones, this option may be found e.g. in Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps or Settings -> Security & fingerprint -> Unknown sources all.

Full explanation of what The Original Time Machine is is, of course, available at But here are some screenshots about what you will experience when using the Time Machine:

Happy time travelling!